Westal is a well established company known for its fast pace, flexibility,  quality and experience, with its founding dating back to 1947. Our products, fixtures and designs have had both their core aesthetics and functionality finely tuned over the past seventy years. We are driven by the renowned  local swedish entrepreneurial spirit. It gives us focus in our companies duties to our customers and the environment, helping create a sustainable future. Our customer base is vast and diverse, so our product range has expanded to meet that demand. Our lighting products are specialized for many environments, such as; indoor, outdoor, office and industrial spaces.

Our business model incorporates the impact our production makes on society. From the individuals in our society to the enormity of the environment itself. We at Westal take this very seriously and are glad to see progressive views dominating the social and environmental ethics throughout the world of businesses. We, our partners and customers are proud to be a part of it.  Many of our customers see the value in purchasing these products made in Sweden, knowing our work ethic behind them. In addition many customers have gone green long ago, demanding older fixtures to be modified with LED modules, not only extending the life of the older luminaries but saving money, lowering energy consumption and minimizing ones carbon footprint. This does not just involve updating older products in stock, but older luminaries that were purchased years ago and are still currently in use. 

A shining example of the LED module update would be at the legislature in Jönköping, Jönköping’s Rådhus. We have “Jönköping Lanters” there and all were upgraded onsite. In the long term this will give a better lighting solution to the building and its surrounding park. Not only that, but it will pass on the savings to both the environment and the tax payers of the municipality. 

Aiding the environment;

To reduce the impact of our production and product development we always plan to produce as little waste as possible. We also work with the company Stena, whom collects the majority of our industrial waste, all that can be recycled or reused will be. We work also with FTI, better known for packaging and newspaper collecting. They are in charge of recycling the majority of our paper waste. Finally we have our electrical waste, we work with Elkretsen who take it upon themselves to efficiently sort and recycle that mess of cables and circuits.